Fall Sunset at the Waterfront

Fox family visits Pinehurst

Baby foxes in 2011.

Fishing from Pinehurst

For many years our customers have told us about their good luck while fishing off our docks and waterfront. We decided to start asking for pictures to put on our website. We welcome more pictures to be emailed to us so we can add them to this post. Thanks for your support and fish on! :) Read More...

A Beaver and the Docks

These are a few of the trees that he chewed up.

This next one shows the waterway he created to get to his dam. This changed the water flow, leading to massive silt deposits in our dock area. We have spent all spring trying to dredge and clean up/re-build half of our docks.

These next pictures show the docks he was trying to incorporate into his home.

You can see the beaver’s dam behind the dock.

This is his mud slide.

Friendly Chipmunks

Take a look at these cute pictures of a friend I made while my family came up to visit and stayed a week in #5. Read More...