Fishing from Pinehurst

For many years our customers have told us about their good luck while fishing off our docks and waterfront. We decided to start asking for pictures to put on our website. We welcome more pictures to be emailed to us so we can add them to this post. Thanks for your support and fish on! :)
Dillon, grandson of Harvey and Gail Doty caught this fish on Thursday, July 15th!

Here are some pictures from Bob Davis:
“The Muskie was caught in Chippewa Bay using a Tube Gig on 8 lb test with no leader. Yeah, your right I dont know how I landed it either? I dont know what it weighed but it was 42 inches.”

Here are some pictures from the Eggers family from June ’09. They were catching bass off of the docks.

Here are some pictures from Jeff Sanford’s group that caught some carp and pike off of our waterfront and bay in May ’08. The last picture is of a 32 lb carp!