Covid Safety Policy

last updated July 16, 2020

Covid-19 makes safety a prime concern. We have all seen how proper precautions can reduce the danger. Therefore, we are instituting the following measures to ensure a safe environment for you, our workers, our community and our family.

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Safety Policies:
  • We require everyone to observe social distancing with non-party members
  • Carry a mask with you at ALL times to put on for instances where people must be closer
  • Wearing a mask is required ALL times while on the docks and in the office
  • Please use only your own garbage can (except those by the fire-pit, docks and fish table)
  • The pool is open with limitations. A sign up in the office gives single groups 45 minutes on the hour. There are no deck chairs, so please bring your own
  • The playground, volleyball net, and store will be closed this year
Check In/Out
  • We are asking only one party member to check in at the office. Please wait behind the line until the previous guest has finished checking in.
  • To facilitate the extra time it takes to clean and disinfect rooms, we need to change our normal check in/out times:
    • Check-in for all rooms and cottages is 4pm
      (feel free to ask if the room is available earlier)
    • Checkout for weekly Housekeeping cottages is promptly at 9am
    • Checkout for Nightly rentals is 10 am
Cleaning & Disinfecting:
  • Bring your own cleaning and disinfectant products and double check our cleaning for the entire cottage/room
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning & disinfecting all own outside chairs and tables
New additional items to bring:
  • Bedrooms:
    • Bring your own blankets, pillows and bed pads
    • Nightly rentals do have sheets & towels provided
    • Beds will have plastic covers on mattresses: you may want to bring bed pads
  • Living Room:
    • Bring coverings (i.e. sheets) for couches & chairs
  • Kitchen:
    • Rewash and disinfect all items provided
    • Cottages will have only dishes, pots, toaster, microwave & coffee maker provided
    • Bring plasticware, cups, and coffee cups
    • Please feel free to ask for anything you have forgotten or need
  • Pool:
    • Bring chairs if you’d like to sunbath

There will be more specifics as time goes on
Please sign up below for automatic email updates. We also recommend keeping up to date on the latest travel guidelines from the CDC etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with us.

We understand if you do not feel comfortable with our requirements and we will promptly refund any deposit.

We extend our heartfelt thanks
Thanks to all our lovely guests for your understanding and joining us in the extra work it will take to provide a safe vacation for everyone.

Bob, Betty Lou and David Vrooman

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