Deep Sea Adventure

SCUBA pool diving?
Well, maybe not the deep sea. Chlorine instead of salt and only 8’ deep.

We had to do work on the tiles at pool this spring which led to half of the pool floor being filled with chunks of old cement and blobs of new hydraulic cement that fell of our trowels. (Just in case your wondering, always wear neoprene gloves while working with hydraulic cement. If you’re interested in what happens when you don’t, ask Jim next time you stay with us.)

I spent an hour or so manually sweeping piles onto the skimmer net and hoisting them out of the pool only to end up with quite a small pile and a ton of cement still left. You can see the pile in the last picture. Light bulb: we had a bunch of SCUBA divers staying with us. A phone call later and Mr. Ganci was preparing to dive. Thanks to his generosity, we now have a cement free pool and some fun pictures.


Preparing to divePutting on the flippersOn the way down